Flameless candles for wedding, reception or honeymoon

Flameless Wedding Candles

wedding candles, safe flameless led

Flameless candles meet all fire codes, use in banquet halls and wedding receptions. Our flameless candles are expertly crafted product made of 100% real wax. Candle uses 2 C batteries and will run approximately 350 hours on one set of batteries. The battery compartment and on/off switch is conveniently located on the bottom of the candle.

Flameless Wedding Candles


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LED candles are flameless, meet fire safety codes.Flameless Candles are fire safe battery powered wax candles made from real wax. An ingenious new technology allows flickering light to glow from within creating the appearance of a warmly glowing candle. The internal light source is a special lifetime LED Bulb which glows and flickers like a real fire-burning wick. Our Flameless Candles are so realistic you'll have to look twice to notice there's really no flame or hazard of fire. A slightly recessed or blackened wick completes the illusion. Flameless Candles combine absolutely realistic wax exteriors with state-of-the-art flicking LED bulb technology which mimics the behavior of combustible candles without the danger. Flameless, battery operated candles, are wonderfully worry free. They can be placed near decorations, dried flowers, curtains and are safely reassuring near children and pets. Perfect for Wedding receptions. So put away the matches and the annoyance of soot, Flameless Candles are the smart way to entertain.

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honeymoon candles, safe flameless led


Set the mood for a romantic honeymoon with our flameless tea lights, place them around hot tubs, baths or spa for that special night.

Flameless Tealights