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18 Inch Black Lantern - Dancing Flame Candle - Timer

Luminara 18 inch black lantern with a 7 inch outdoor ivory color luminara candle. An attractive, realstic flame effect candle which can be placed anywhere without the worry or risks associated with real candles.

Luminara candles contain an internal LED source, which shines through a prism onto a flame tip. This flame moves in a random fashion, created by two magnets repelling against each other and is similar to the movement of a fire burning candle.

  • 18" H x 7" W
  • Unscented 5 Inch Luminara Outdoor Candle
  • Indoor, Outdoor
  • Timer Feature - 5 Hours on / 19 Hours Off
  • 2 x D Batteries
  • Battery Life Averages 240 Hours

The 18 Inch Luminara Traditional lantern is shown in photo with the 15 inch Luminara Traditional lantern sold separately. Luminara fireless candle lanterns use technology developed for major theme park attractions and are so realistic, they are practically indistinguishable from traditional, burning candles.

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Size:18" H x 7" W
Color: Black Metal Lantern
Scent: Unscented
Type: Luminara Lantern
Battery Life: 240 Avg Run Time
Battery Size: 2 x D
18 Inch Black Lantern - Dancing Flame Candle - Timer
Our Price: $92.95
Low As: $79.01


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